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We find the most interesting Vintage Receiver. Here is the best deal we found for the GORGEOUS VINTAGE MARANTZ SR4000 STEREO RECEIVER SR-4000 for sale on the Internet.

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Beautiful Vintage Marantz SR4000 Receiver Beautiful, Serviced, Vintage Marantz SR4000 Stereo Receiver General Export Model, with Voltage Selection for USA/Europe Serviced by Master Marantz Audio Technician! Beautiful Marantz SR4000 AM/FM Stereo Receiver This auction is for a serviced and beautiful Marantz SR 4000 This series of products was really the last of the good stuff that Marantz made, and this sample is one of the best you’ll run across. Clean, great-looking and tweaked! The SR4000 is a 50 WPC, full-FTC spec receiver with very good sonics and low-impedance load capability. It’s got that silky-smooth Marantz Gyroscopic Tuning feel and some nice touches that earlier products like the 2250 did not have, like power meters. She’s a beauty. SERVICE PERFORMED I was a factory-authorized Marantz Master Technician. This receiver got a thorough inspection and service. FM sensitivity was tweaked and tuning capacitor contacts were cleaned and treated. Power and distortion were checked. Switches and controls were cleaned and treated with contact preservative. The speaker output relay contacts were repaired. Loose ground screws were tightened down. After everything was done, this receiver received an audition. This is a great-sounding and working product. Are you outside of the United States? Cool, because this receiver will work on 220/240 50Hz power! You won’t see very many of this version around. COSMETIC CONDITION This receiver is in very good shape. Not perfect, but very good. The faceplate is clean and shiny, thought there is some very minor pitting that can be seen if you look really carefully. The vinyl on the case is quite good. There are a few marks here and there, but absolutely nothing that would bother me. I’d be delighted to have this in one of my racks. The plastic windows are clean and shiny, and the knobs are in very good condition. This receiver is just lovely. WHY SHOULD YOU BUY FROM ME? There’s a lot of great people offering quality stuff here on eBay, but there are some things that make me a bit different than virtually any other seller. For one, I was in the audio retail and service business for most of my adult life, and basically eat, sleep and breathe music, audio and video. I know how music is supposed to sound. If it’s not musical, I just won’t sell it. I have also worked for major Japanese audio manufacturers as a factory tech, and maintain a test bench at home to keep my own stuff at its peak, because I just can’t take bad audio! I simply will not compromise. My reputation is much more important to me than a single sale, and I've spent my career (and I guess, my life) building relationships with people. Everything I sell is offered as-is, but if something is wrong after the sale, I will do everything reasonably possible to insure your satisfaction. If you are a serious collector of Marantz, Sony, Yamaha, Pioneer or Kenwood gear, you don’t want just any old product thrown up on eBay, particularly one that someone found in Grandpa’s closet and puts up as “mint.” (RUN AWAY!!) You want a unit that has been meticulously gone through, by someone who cares about this stuff. No one on eBay services products with more care than I do. This is the one you want! Be sure to visit the About Me page here on eBay for more information. I just love classic audio and video gear, and you can bid and buy with absolute confidence. WHAT’S INCLUDED? This auction includes the receiver only. ABOUT RESERVES Most of the items I sell are things I would really like to keep myself. And it takes a lot of time to meticulously go through the items I sell. When you buy from me, you know you’re buying what I’d buy. SHIPPING This item will be carefully packed for maximum protection from shipping damage. I estimate shipping weight at about 31 pounds. Buyer pays actual shipping cost plus a $15 packing allowance. This is included in the shipping cost you see. Packing materials are not free, unfortunately, and receivers must be packed with supreme care to insure that they get there safely and intact. I will spend considerable time packing your item and bringing it into town (a 30-mile round trip) to send out. I take pride in how I pack items- my feedback reflects that, and it’s worth it. Worldwide shipping is higher. Please note: sometimes the eBay shipping wizard gets stuff strangely wrong, and I am not sure why. If you see a shipping amount that looks totally out of whack, please contact me and I will be delighted to verify shipping costs for you. TERMS Please read the terms before you bid. Bidding means YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THESE TERMS. I wish this wasn’t necessary, but things at eBay have radically changed since I started doing this. I reserve the right to cancel unwanted bids for any reason. If you are new or your feedback is less than 3, please contact me before bidding. Of course, you may pay with PayPal. But if you want to pay in some other way, contact me and let me know. Buyer must contact me within 24 hours of the close of the auction or risk sale of the item to the next highest bidder without notice. Generally, I ship items within three business days of receiving cleared payment. However, in order to protect myself from fraud, I may take up to seven days to ship your item, depending upon your feedback level and other indicators I use. Though it’s never happened to me yet, if PayPal holds funds for any reason, I DO NOT SHIP UNTIL FUNDS ARE RELEASED. If you are in a hurry for this item, PLEASE contact me. You can also pay with a personal check, but I will hold the check until it clears and then ship your item. This item is sold AS IS, and there are no expressed or implied warranties. I have made every effort to describe the item honestly and accurately. Contact me if you have questions about the auction, terms, or the item. THIS ITEM HAS BEEN MARKED BOTH EXTERNALLY and INTERNALLY TO PREVENT FRAUD. I do not reveal reserve prices or end auctions early. Local pickup? No problem, absolutely! About feedback: I am delighted to leave feedback, but I only leave it after you do. Another exciting Pacific Stereo auction! “A whole lot more than a stereo store.” If you’re a former Pacific Stereo employee or customer, contact me! Thanks for looking, and good luck with your bid! Looking for more cool stuff? See my other items. COPYRIGHT NOTICE: ALL AD TEXT, WORDSMITHING AND IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHT ©2010 BY THE AUTHOR, AN INDIVIDUAL IDENTIFIED ON EBAY AS “PACIFICSTEREO." ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. IMAGES ARE DIGITALLY WATERMARKED FOR IDENTIFICATION. YOU ARE EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN TO COPY OR INCORPORATE INTO OTHER WORKS ANYTHING ON THIS PAGE THAT WAS CREATED AND COPYRIGHTED BY THE AUTHOR. The copyright holder does not hesitate to report copyright violation to eBay and request auction termination when it is discovered. Using text or photos that are not original is a violation of the eBay user agreement. Besides, being lazy and ripping others off is really bad form. Please write your own stuff and take your own photos!