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Kenwood KR-7400 Stereo Receiver

Submitted by on June 13, 2011 – 10:58 am

We find the most interesting Vintage Receiver. Here is the best deal we found for the Kenwood KR-7400 Stereo Receiver for sale on the Internet.

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Kenwood KR-7400 Stereo Receiver Picture and Description:

 400893305758441450 Kenwood KR 7400 Stereo Receiver

Kenwood KR-7400 Stereo Receiver For auction is a used Kenwood KR-7400 Solid State Stereo Receiver, all the controls had been check and are in working condition, the physical condition of this unit is very good with only very minor wear (please look at the pictures) this was the 2nd best receiver from Kenwood - only topped by the KR-9400 at the time. Kenwood was one of the best makers of serious HiFi gear at the time, having truly great tuners and amplifiers. You can compare the KR-7400 to the Yamaha CR-820, Marantz 2275, Pioneer SX-838 and it is as good as any of them - better in tuner sensitivity. This is pure music at its best - this receiver actually sounds as specified - ultra dynamic, crystal clear and sweet - very hard to find like that. It's got all the controls one could want, 3 sets of speakers, 3 tone controls, high and low filters, true mode control and center tuning and signal strength meters. feel free to ask any questions and please take a look at my other vintage audio, thanks for looking and good luck bidding. 1974, Japan 31 lbs at 19 x 14 x 6 - HEAVY 63 WPC RMS /8 Ohm rated 81 WPC / 8 Ohm & 92 WPC/ 4 Ohm measured 0.3% THD, full power 0.07% THD, normal listening level Loudness, filters AM, FM, Phono1&2, Aux, Tape1, Tape2

 400893305758441451 Kenwood KR 7400 Stereo Receiver
 400893305758441452 Kenwood KR 7400 Stereo Receiver
 400893305758441453 Kenwood KR 7400 Stereo Receiver