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Marantz 2600 receiver

Submitted by on August 8, 2010 – 7:58 am

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Marantz 2600 receiver Picture and Description:

 148551805440403710 Marantz 2600 receiver

This was my father's receiver, he was the original owner and used it for quite a few years before the receiver stopped working. My father worked with electronics both in his job and as a hobby, and began repair work on the receiver but never finished. I do remember him saying all the major expensive components such as the toroidal transformer, output transistors, scope, etc. were good, he was just chasing down some minor issue... but I can't make any guarantees as to the amount of repair necessary. It comes with the full user's manual, service/repair manual, schematics, and the unit itself is complete with no parts missing and in decent cosmetic condition (the wood has some scrapes, the front panel looks very good). Anyone familiar with these receivers know they are worth thousands in working condition, and I've seen parts machines go for $1000+ here on eBay so consider this either a collectable or a good investment if you have the time and know-how to repair it. This is a NO RESERVE auction, take advantage of this great opportunity! Check out my other auctions for some other cool vintage electronics! The Model 2600 was the most powerful radio receiver ever made by Marantz, and the second most powerful receiver of the "monster receiver" era of the 1970's. The 2600 was rated at 300 watts RMS per channel x2 channels at 8 ohms and 400 W.P.C. at 4 ohms. This model was produced from 1978 to 1980 and is considered especially rare. The Model 2600 is 19 1/4" wide 7" high and 17 1/8" deep and weighs over 60 pounds. It consumes 920 watts at its rated power output.

 148551805440403711 Marantz 2600 receiver
 148551805440403712 Marantz 2600 receiver
 148551805440403713 Marantz 2600 receiver