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Vintage Lafayette LR-1500TA AM/FM Stereo Receiver

Submitted by on October 22, 2010 – 5:56 pm

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Vintage Lafayette LR-1500TA AM/FM Stereo Receiver Picture and Description:

 209263304871641350 Vintage Lafayette LR 1500TA AM/FM Stereo Receiver

This auction is for a rather unique vintage receiver - the Lafayette LR-1500TA AM/FM Stereo Reciever. This item is unique, not because there weren't thousands of them sold in the 70s, but because the Lafayette brand is not usually thought of when the subject of conversation is high quality audio gear. But this is one very nice receiver, heavy and very well built, with many features you wouldn't expect to find on a reciever that was produced to sell at a modest price. Prior to listing it for auction I tested all the receiver's basic functions and found that all perform as they should. The sound quality it produces is excellent - warm and tube-like and a great example of what a listener should expect from vintage audio. I cleaned and lubricated the controls and all operate smoothly and quietly. All lights work as they should - dial lights and the many function indicator lights - as does the tuning meter and light. Cosmetically, the receiver is in beautiful condition. It is extremely clean and the only signs of usage and wear are a few almost invisible scratches on the top of the cabinet and one small "ding" on the left edge of the faceplate. There are no other scratches, dents, stains, or other cosmetic defects. Despite the fact that it is somewhere around 40 years old, this is a really clean and good looking receiver. Designed in the United States and manufactured in Japan by Trio (now known as Kenwood) for Lafayette around 1970, getting accurate information about this receiver is difficult. Online research comes up with power rating estimates that range from 35 watts/channel to 65 watts/channel (although the 1500TA seems to put out a lot of power, my guess is that 35 watts is closer to the truth.) It has outputs for two sets of speakers, inputs for phono (with switching for magnetic or ceramic cartridge and low-medium-high output), aux and tape playback and record. The front panel has an output jack for headphones. Inspection of the provided photographs will reveal the number and function of front panel controls and function indicator lights. Please look closely at the photographs, they are accurate descriptions of the cosmetic condition of this Lafayette receiver. The pictures shown here are of the actual item being auctioned. I work hard to inspect, clean and repair (when necessary and when I can) every piece of electronic equipment I sell and I have described this LR-1500TA to the best of my ability. I believe this receiver – given proper care - will perform as it does now for years to come but since it is a piece of vintage used electronic/mechanical equipment, it is being sold as is, with no warranty and no return. At the conclusion of the auction, it will be carefully packed - using double boxing and ample padding - so that it will be received in the condition described. The buyer will be responsible for paying all shipping costs for a package of 20"x19"x12" dimensions and a weight of approximately 33 pounds. I will ship this item only to the lower 48 US states. If the shipping costs calculated by eBay are higher than my actual costs, I will refund any difference above $2.00. Payment must be received by the seller within 4 days of the close of auction - no exceptions.

 209263304871641351 Vintage Lafayette LR 1500TA AM/FM Stereo Receiver
 209263304871641352 Vintage Lafayette LR 1500TA AM/FM Stereo Receiver
 209263304871641353 Vintage Lafayette LR 1500TA AM/FM Stereo Receiver