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Vintage MCS 3125 “High Current” Stereo Receiver 125 WPC

Submitted by on July 12, 2011 – 4:56 pm

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Vintage MCS 3125 “High Current” Stereo Receiver 125 WPC Picture and Description:

 425242306443728670 Vintage MCS 3125 High Current Stereo Receiver 125 WPC

Richard_Leclair store Vintage MCS 3125 "High Current" Stereo Receiver 125 WPC You are looking at a Super Powerful, and a rare one of a kind designed Vintage Stereo Receiver by the Manufacturers of Modular Component Systems, the MCS Model 3125 Stereo Receiver with 125 Watts of Powerful " High Current " Energy Power per each left and right Stereo Channel, in excellent condition. This really great sounding MCS Stereo Receiver comes with a 1981 $900 price tag, and will definitively shake the house down. This Special Flagship MCS Stereo Receiver is built like a Tank, and comes with a very unique built in Stereo Graphic Equalizer comparable like no other Receiver. Each individual Frequency Setting has it's own level indicator light and this comes with all separate rotable frequency level controls with five each for each Left and Right Channels from 60 Hz to 16 Khz from -15 db to +15db. Also, this comes with tons of great Features like a Digital FM Channel Display as well as Standard Dial Display, a Tuning and Signal Level Meter, Left and Right Power Level Meter Display from 0 to 250 Watts Per Channel, Microphone Input with Microphone Level Control, MPX Filter Selector, Muting ON / OFF Selector, 4 or 8 Ohms Impedance Selector, Tape To Tape Dubbing Selector, Separate Left and Right EQ Defeat Selectors, and Built In Rear Panel Radio Antenna. There are Audio Inputs & Outputs for connecting an Auxilary Source, a Tape Monitor One, Tape Monitor Two, Phono One, and a Phono Two. Other Features include a Loudness, Balance and Master Volume Control, Headphone Monitor Output Jack, Dolby NR Adapter Input & Output, Preamp Input & Output, two sets of Main Speaker Outputs, AM / FM Stereo Antenna Screw Connectors, one Constant Power Unswitched AC Power Outlet, and two Automatic Shut Off Switched AC Power Outlets for supplying the Power for up to three other Audio Components connected to the back of this Unit. Dimensions for this are 20" W x 18" D x 8 1/4" H.